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packable lunches for toddlers

5 Main Dish Packable Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

When your toddler is off to daycare, you might need to start packing a lunch, but it has to be something they can eat without utensils. You also don’t want them to cause a mess and be a hassle for the teachers. Some daycare centers have rules about what you can and cannot send, so […]

baby's first milestones

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s Milestones

It’s amazing how fast children grow up. One day they’re cuddled in your lap and the next they’re running around with their friends. A lot changes during the first year of life; you’ll be amazed when you look back. It’s a flurry of excitement! It’s important that you take time and celebrate each milestone. Here’s […]

fall baby shower ideas

6 Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Unlike other special occasions, there’s no baby shower season. People have babies all year long, so you can catch a baby shower just about any time. If you go to a lot of baby showers, or come from a big family (families tend to have kids in waves), you might be running short on baby […]

boost your child's development

6 Tips to Give Your Child a Development Boost

A lot of parents leave education to the hands of the school system once their kid starts school, but there’s more you can do to help. Play time is just as important, especially during the early, formative years. Use some of these tips to give your kids a development boost. 1. Rotate some toys out […]

professional help for breastfeeding

When to Seek Professional Help for Breastfeeding Problems

Studies show that moms who receive support from their community and healthcare providers are more likely to breastfeed, and more likely to nurse longer. Women who don’t receive help wean their children earlier and/or resort to formula. Most hospitals and some women’s clinics have lactation consultants on staff or know how to put you in […]

relieve baby gas

10 Ways to Help With a Gassy Baby

Babies have new digestive systems that need to get used to new sources of foods. That means a lot of gas. It usually comes from harmless bacteria in the intestines as it breaks down sugar, or air swallowed during feedings and crying. Reliving baby gas is pretty simple; here’s how: 1. Manipulate her legs. Often […]