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10 Must Have Products to Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month (BAM). In order to promote, support and encourage mothers all over to breastfeeding, this campaign educates women on the importance of breastfeeding exclusively for at least the first six months. Research shows that babies are less likely to develop health problems such as ear infections, allergies, obesity (childhood and later […]

how to breastfeed in public with confidence

7 Ways to Nurse in Public Confidentially

Nursing in public isn’t a crime, but it sure seems to bother a lot of people. The stigma many mothers face is one of the primary reasons women give up breastfeeding and resort to formula. Mothers, who must feed their babies frequently, are forced to hide, leave the room, or stay home. While most women […]

how to tell if baby is in a growth spurt

Is Your Baby Experiencing a Growth Spurt?

During your baby’s first year of life, she will grow faster than any other time. She’ll triple in size! If you’re a new parent, you’ll be amazed at how quickly she will learn and change. The changes don’t happen at a steady pace, either. Your baby will go through periods of heightened growth, in size […]

keep baby alert between naps

5 Ideas for Playing with Baby Between Naps

When caring for a newborn, it’s essential that you establish a nap routine right away. You’ll find this difficult at first because your little one will want to nap all the time. As they grow, you’ll want to get your baby on a daily schedule so you can plan your life around their sleep habits. […]

how to encourage baby's first words

5 Ways to Encourage Baby’s First Words

M—MO—MOM—MOMM—MOMMY! Getting your baby to say their first words is so exciting! Hearing them say mommy or daddy is truly a special moment. However, getting there can sometimes become frustrating. Don’t lose hope; they will eventually start to talk. Once they are a toddler, you’ll wish you had a little more silence! Here are five […]

Money Saving Tips for Parents with a New Baby

Babies sure can be expensive! It’s all of those little costs that slowly add up over time. There’s doctors visits, special equipment and furniture, and tons of supplies. You’ll probably spend more than you expect, so it’s important to take the strain off your budget. Use these tips to save money during the first year. […]