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How to Lose Baby Weight While Breastfeeding

5 Ways to help you lose weight the healthy way while breastfeeding- You just gave birth to your beautiful baby and after nine long months of being pregnant, you’re ready to lose that baby weight. If you are breastfeeding, you may think that the weight will just drop off, because it burns tons of calories […]

PunkinWrap’s multi-use wrap has 6 functions and is Made in the USA!

I am all about saving money and minimizing the amount of products I have to schlep about! That is why I was so excited when I discovered this mom invented product that is made in the USA. Punkin Wrap is a true multi-use product that can be packed in a small carrying case saving you […]

Latch Pal nursing clip helps make breastfeeding mamas lives easier!

Ever wish you had an extra set of hands?? I know I did when my son was a breastfeeding infant. Latch Pal’s nursing clip has helped solve that problem. How you ask? Check out this mom invented product: LatchPal is a mom-invented breastfeeding clip that quickly & conveniently secures a mother’s shirt, simplifies nursing in […]

Do you have discomfort from breastfeeding? Pariday and Nizo Wear have you covered.

Pariday TendHer Pillows are reusable soothing gel pads for breastfeeding pain relief. For those of you who are currently pregnant and have never breastfed before, trust me when I tell you that there is a high likelihood you will have some level of discomfort when you start to breastfeed. Not every one does, but if […]

Milkin’ Cookies and Cover My Heart-supporting breastfeeding moms everywhere!

We here at Nizo Wear feel it is important to support  moms on their breastfeeding journey. That is the reason we started our patented nursing bra line. So, when we come across other companies with similar missions we like to give them a well deserved shout-out. Here are two amazing mom owned companies with products […]

Le Bibble-100% organic reusable cloth wipes and unpaper towels.

Every year 13 billion pounds of paper towel waste ends up in the landfills in the United States alone! Shocked? Well I certainly was.  That’s a lot of waste for a product that is used just once and discarded. Even if helping to reduce your carbon footprint did not make your resolution list you can […]